We were recently approached by former Northern Ireland and Watford FC star Peter Kennedy and asked if we could design a one-off bespoke KiT for Lisburn Rangers charity team, ‘Tuckers Muckers’.

The team was set up in memory of Lisburn Rangers legend Thomas ‘Tucker’ English who sadly passed away in 2017 from a suspected heart condition. 

​We designed a KiT with so many small details to honour Tommy, his number 4 included on all jerseys, the text inside the collar, the Red Devil on the back for his second favourite team Man United, behind Lisburn Rangers of course, the detail sublimated into the front of the shirt based on the 1999 Man Utd European Cup winning teams jersey, and off course the British Heart Foundation UK logo, a charity that means a great deal to the family.

We met with Tommy’s wife Jacqui and children Jamie and Beth again recently to hand over the kits and they were delighted with the quality and design of the final product.

We look forward to seeing the KiT in action later in the year, we will be there to support!

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